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Our Journey from Product to Location Photography

This summer has been manic for us. But as soon as summer comes and goes, we are already at the time of year where the days are getting darker and shorter. So yes, that means only one thing, Christmas! But that’s a different tale altogether…

We look back at what we have done this summer, we have been lucky enough to capture a journey, from the initial product photography to the great outdoors.

I can hear you asking ‘what on earth do they mean?

Well this year we were asked to shoot clothing and camping equipment. According to an eCommerce market leader, Shopify, having the perfect product photography can dramatically increase your sales, conversion and ROI. You will see below the high degree of photography we were able to capture.

We used the same catalogue of products to capture some amazing outdoor on-location shots, featuring stunning landscapes, backdrops and people using their clothing and equipment out in-situ. As you can see in the imagery below we were able to capture an amazing mix of scenery to compliment and boost our product in its natural environment.

Using on-location product photography is an ideal way to demonstrate to potential customers how your product is a perfect fit for them. And as always, the challenge is capturing natural looking photos, something which can require a fair amount of practice and we have spent a long time perfecting.

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