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Hi, Andreas here. I opened the studio in 1991, several years after completing my apprenticeship, and bring 35 years of experience to the team. My time is mostly spent on post production and client liaison but I still relish the opportunity to get behind a camera.  


Senior Photographer
Hi,I'm Chris,I've been at Digital Exposure since 2003 when I started as an assistant. I’m now one of the senior photographers who can make your products look fantastic!I take pictures and I love it - I've always got a camera to hand, even in my spare time!


Hi, I'm Steve and the newest photographer so I get most of the stick from the senior photographers! I'm the happiest of the bunch, when I'm not photographing products I am playing football and golf…badly.


Hi, I'm Simon and I've been working for digitalexposure since the beginning. Eventually I was let loose with a camera and have helped the business flourish into the dynamic company that it is today. I have more years of experience than I care to think of but I still enjoy what I do.

Happy Customers


Frankie Thorogood


We have been working with Digital Exposure since 2012. for over 4 years they have produced high quality product photography of our sportswear for use on our ecommerce site. The team is hard-working, committed, highly skilled and experienced. Working with them is always a pleasure. Running a business is difficult and time consuming and you need to outsource tasks as often as possible. The keys to doing this successfully are: simplicity and trust. Working with a partner company should be simple and save you time. You also need to trust that your quality standards are being met or exceeded. This is why we continue to work with Digital Exposure.


Alan Burns

Marketing Manager

We are a small but growing Scotch whisky company based in Glasgow and worked with Steve for several years now. Steve has the creative ability to transform our products with high quality photography for individual product shots but also beautifully created artistic images that really expresses a story about our products. Many people across the world have commented on these outstanding images which of course relates to strong sales and positive exposure across the globe. Steve is extremely friendly, helpful and pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend Steve and Digital Exposure highly enough for the incredible work they produce for our company.

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Frazer Hynes

Marketing Manager

We have worked with Digital Exposure for over five years, where in that time we have built up a good relationship and produced some exceptional photography. A flexible team that have a good knowledge of still-life, video and active photography.

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Martin Barwise

Gadgets UK

We have worked with Digital Exposure for quite a few years with our various brands and Steve and the team always deliver a great service, and often use their initiative to provide the best possible shots for our products. The importance of quality product shots in a competitive martketplace cannot be underestimated and I have no doubt that this has contributed to our success. I would not hesitate to recommend

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