Who Are We?

We are a state-of-the-art photography studio offering clothing, jewellery, product, food and room set photography services. Founded on a love and passion for great pictures, our four-strong team of professional photographers draw on a combined experience of more than seventy years.

Our Studio

Our purpose-built studio features the latest photography equipment and dedicated spaces for each of the photography services we offer. It’s spacious enough (2500 square foot) to accommodate large-scale room set projects and deliveries of bulkier items such as tents and cars. Situated in a well-connected, accessible area of the North West, we serve a full spectrum of clients from a wide range of locations. Though most of our work is done in our studio – to take advantage of our innovative production equipment – we can also shoot on location if so desired.

Why Shoot with Us?

If you choose to shoot with us, you’ll benefit from the knowledge and artistry of a dedicated group of experienced photography professionals. Not only experts, we are genuine lovers of photography, with a passion that shines through in our pictures.

We don’t believe in rushing or cutting corners on cost. We work closely with our clients to determine their vision for a shoot, then draw on our technical and creative prowess to make it a reality.

Our approach is completely transparent – clients are welcome to visit the studio during their shoot and see our way of working for themselves. All of our editing and retouching is done in-house, where our meticulous editing team ensures that your pictures meet the highest standards of quality. All images must be approved by you before we consider our job done.

Happy Customers


Steve Woolhead

Virgin Wines

Andreas and his team at Digital Exposure have produced photography for myself and Virgin Wines for over a decade and continuously produce a high calibre of imagery for our online and offline media. With the nature of our business we are continuously updating our website with new products and when new opportunities arise we always require new photography produced in a very tight timeframe... the guys at DE understand our requirements and are there ready to shoot to our needs and if need be turn it around on a sixpence!


Frankie Thorogood


We have been working with Digital Exposure since 2012. for over 4 years they have produced high quality product photography of our sportswear for use on our ecommerce site. The team is hard-working, committed, highly skilled and experienced. Working with them is always a pleasure. Running a business is difficult and time consuming and you need to outsource tasks as often as possible. The keys to doing this successfully are: simplicity and trust. Working with a partner company should be simple and save you time. You also need to trust that your quality standards are being met or exceeded. This is why we continue to work with Digital Exposure.


Sophie Parry

Marketing Manager

Digital Exposure are superb to work with and create high quality images that reflect our brand. The team are fast, efficient and turn work around quickly. They are creative and inspire us with fresh ideas. They are a pleasure to work with!

Calypso Logo


Marketing Director

Calypso Soft Drinks have worked with Digital Exposure for a number of years. We have recoginised the high standard of work which they do in producting image shots that give us the platform to produce high quality product brochures and adverts to the trade.

Instagram Feed

Like any great photographer… We have an Instagram account. Follow us for snippets from the studio, new and exciting projects we’re working on and just generally a good time. Take a look!