PR Portrait Photography

We cover all aspects of PR photography from ‘the golden hand-shake’ to PR-portraits and events to factory/shop openings.

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PR Portraits

What We Offer

Utilising a full-range of equipment to ensure that we take the best PR Portrait photographs we can, our photographers will use their knowledge, expertise and guidance to ensure that you, or your staff are looking great!


For jobs up to two hours we cover a radius of about 15 miles from Chester

Yes, if you supply us with the recipients details we can supply the images straight to your agency or editor’s desk.

Absolutely, our photographers will use studio lighting to produce stunning portraits – if you also require plan background images we can set that up too.

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Like any great photographer… We have an Instagram account. Follow us for snippets from the studio, new and exciting projects we’re working on and just generally a good time. Take a look!