Jewellery Photography

The beauty of jewellery photography is in its simplicity – our professional photographers know just how to let the product speak for itself. Despite the clarity of the final image, the jewellery photography process is anything but straightforward.

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Skilled Team

Our skilled team have extensive experience in still life imaging for jewellery – we know just how to tailor the sharpness, lighting and exposure of our photos to show your product off to best effect. For gemstones, we make sure they sparkle and glisten to give them their ultimate appeal. Drawing on our knowledge of fashion and industry trends, we produce beautiful, balanced images that align with the image of your brand.

Your Vision

The client’s vision is at the heart of what we do. We consider where your photographs will be used and who your products are for. The creative process is a collaborative one – we welcome your presence during the shoot and are happy to offer our own artistic input where required. Our team will turn their hand to any task – whether that’s drawing out the intricate detail of an expensive piece, bringing out the best of a budget product or capturing the fun of an unusual design. Once our work in the studio is done, the images are passed onto our editing team to be worked on and polished ready for publication.


Within our decades of shooting jewellery, we have shot all types including necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches and earrings. Contact us if you’re unsure.

If you would like your jewellery to be shot on a model this is also possible. We work with a great range of model agencies so we can select a model that will work best with your jewellery and brand.

For high value pieces, if not already insured we recommend that they are for full peace of mind. If you’re sending jewellery to us to shoot in the post, we also recommend that it is sent via a recorded and insured method.

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Like any great photographer… We have an Instagram account. Follow us for snippets from the studio, new and exciting projects we’re working on and just generally a good time. Take a look!