Clothing & Fashion Photography

With everything from trousers to ties, hoodies to hats and shirts to skirts in our portfolio, we are serious about our fashion photography. In photographing fashion, we know we’re helping to create your brands message – that’s why our photographers maintain an excellent knowledge of the fashion industry trends. Collaborating closely with you to determine your message, we’ll help you to achieve the right look for your product, whether that’s high street, high fashion, high-quality activewear or anything in-between. Our spacious, well-equipped studio is well placed to handle unusual requests and larger scale projects such as catwalk style shoots and purpose built sets. Our photographers produce consistently outstanding results across all styles of clothing photography: mannequin, flat and modelled. Read on to find more about what we can offer you.


A great way of showing off full outfits to their best effect – but without the expenditure involved in hiring models – mannequin fashion photography is one of the most popular services we offer. Photographing clothes on a mannequin has the advantage of making them lie correctly and producing an eye-catching overall impression and with our expert knowledge of styling and lighting, we exploit these advantages to the fullest. If you don’t want the mannequin to be visible, we also offer invisible mannequin images, where, obviously, the mannequin will not be visible.


Flat photography is a great way to display individual items of clothing, especially if you want to focus on the detail or cut. Flat photography can be tricky to get right, but with our experience we can make your clothes look their best. This type of shot has its advantages as the item of clothing is flat, which means we can easily give movement to it.


Using real people in your fashion photography is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand online or in print. Though shooting with models is more complex than other forms of fashion photography – on-brand art direction, backdrops and sophisticated lighting being just a few of the things we have to think about – our photographers work efficiently to produce creative, contemporary and polished results across all categories of fashion.


Every piece of clothing that is sent to us to shoot will be professionally steamed to remove any creases. Once this has been done one of our styling professionals will then style the product as discussed prior to the shoot.

We work with a number of modelling agencies to provide our clients with a great choice of models to fit in with their brands message. Once we have a specification in place for the shoot, we will send over a selection of model images for you to select from.

Having fashion shoots out on location can be more effective than images shot in a studio setting. We are fully equipped to shoot out on location whether that is up a mountain or in a luxury hotel suite.

We sure can. E-commerce is booming and how you present your product to customers online can be the difference between a sale and no sale. By displaying a 360 degree image of your clothing, customers are able to get a true view of an article of clothing. We can provide the rotation in a number of formats including HTML5, Flash and video.

Another way to show off your products is through catwalk videos. We have a dedicated catwalk space in our studio just for this. All video produced will be provided in HD quality and edited to your requirements.

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