Jumper Photography

JUMPERS! We all wear them to keep warm in the cold weather but ever thought about how to photograph a jumper? There are endless ways to do so, it’s all down to the individuals requirements and style of the jumper. Today a selection of jumper photography for you to feast your eyes on. Brand from Wombat! A reputable fashion icon on the high street.

Find more jumper photography in our clothing photography portfolio.

Jumper Photography (1) Jumper Photography (2) Jumper Photography (3) Jumper Photography (4)

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5 Responses to Jumper Photography

  1. Beb says:

    Nice photography. Love the jumper styles!

  2. Beth Ann says:

    Very nice style of photography.

  3. Terry says:

    Like to see these jumpers on a model.

  4. Gary S says:

    Really nice photos.

  5. DE says:

    Nice clothing photography DE.

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