Here at Digital Exposure we shoot a lot of clothing!

Whether it’s on a mannequin, styled flat or shot on a model, we really enjoy the challenge of getting the items looking their uttermost very best.

We tend to shoot a lot of items on a mannequin which gives the client and customers a real feel for the shape of the garment. Our clothing photography portfolio showcases a vast array of photography techniques that we provide every client with. One of our favourite methods is to shoot it flat, to emphasise the natural creases in the clothing and give your clothing shots an extra burst of life for when they’re showcased by highlighting and focusing on the extra detail of the cut.

As seen above, the contrasting lighting can help show up the texture. The aim of the styling is to achieve a natural as possible feel literally as if the garment had been thrown down and photographed whilst in reality it can take longer than styling on a mannequin to carefully get the garment looking as natural as possible. It really is harder than it looks honestly…

Make sure you take a look through our clothing and fashion photography and if you’re interested in getting in touch with our team of experienced photographers, please contact us.