Alongside continuing to provide a high-quality service to clients on a regular basis, we’ve been making some major improvements to the studio space recently. We’re excited to reveal the new and improved Digi Expo to you, but, like all successful businesses, we are, and always will be striving to better ourselves, in other words, the studio is still a work in progress!

Probably one of the biggest changes here is the the installment of a brand new purpose-built kitchen! The range of appliances are an invaluable asset to our food photography work, helping to appropriately prepare and arrange items for shooting. Re-positioning the kitchen made use of adjacent studio space to photograph in and the mezzanine level took advantage of sunlight for a more natural look to your images.

Since the customer, or model, always comes first, we now have a changing room for clients visiting the studio. With space for stylists and make-up, it’s easy to achieve the right look. We have also maximised the space available, creating a props room and ensuring our professional equipment is stored and cared for efficiently.