One aspect of our advertising photography here at Digital Exposure consists of jewellery photography for shops and retailers alike. When they approach us for their commercial photography we always know what their requirements are likely to be due to the nature of jewellery and the target market. They want their jewellery to look quality and exquisite to entice people into buying, and with the right jewellery photographers that’s exactly what the photographs will do ENTICE people to buy. It is pointless using images that are plain and simple when it comes to jewellery, the images have to stand out and encourage the potential customer viewing the imagery that they want to buy it.

We do this in all kinds of ways depending on the jewellery we are photographing. But in general the main factors of jewellery photography are.

– Styling

– Lighting

– Props

– Back drop

All these different factors will produce different results depending on the actual item of jewellery we are photographing. For example if shooting a necklace that is made of a special material from the earth it would be beneficial to promote this through the photograph. Ways this can be done are adding natural props and backdrops to the image, by natural I mean items from the earth that relate to the material the necklace is made from.

To look at more of our photographs feel free to check out our jewellery photography portfolio page. Or if you would like to speak to one of our photographers direct feel free to give as a call or shoot us an email.

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