We all need a bit of colour in our life’s every now and then… so lets do it with with some product photography! Below are a couple of images that will get your iris’s bulging! They were shot for one of our clients that sell a multitude of fancy items for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays and many more.

As well as pack shots for each item (product photography item on there own against a white background) we put together a number of arranged shots for the client to display lots of this fancy stuff all in one. Using the different colours to compliment each other brings the images to life, and it gives these images a real burst of life. The arrangement is just as important, forming a shape and flow to the image to look natural and entertaining.

If your looking for some product photography that’s creative and entertaining get in touch with us and one of our product photographers will be happy to talk through your requirements with you. Happy viewing!

product photography colour (1) product photography colour (2)