Yet another instalment in our never ending series of product photography videos. This time we are featuring our clothing photography.

There are various ways of photographing clothes and a lot of it depends on the clothing type and style. For instance out door clothing for mountaineers could be photographed completely different to clothing for fashion wear, or it could be photographed in the same style. An examples of ways to photograph them in different styles would if we were to photograph the mountaineer clothing range on location, for instance in a nature background e.g. up a mountain. The fashion clothes could be styled and set up to be shot on models on a catwalk giving the resemblance of a high fashion brand. Or they can be shot straight onto a white background for use on the web. There are even many ways to do this clothing photography.  Some include on a mannequin, invisible mannequin, model, flat, flat roughened and pinned up. Each style can depend on what your clothing brand stands for and how you want it to be portrayed by your target market.

In the video you will see a mixture of the above mentioned clothing photography styles and techniques. See the embedded version below or go straight to the video by clicking clothing photography.