If you take an interest in hair photography then take a look at the following two images we shot for a hair salon in Chester. This is a follow on post from the previous time lapse video we posted of the hair photography shoot itself found here.

Two very different unique hair styles, both different photography techniques were used to achieve the desired finish. Were not hair stylists ourselves, so we can’t comment much on the styles, apart from they look unique and out there! The first image is referencing a flame, with the hair gradient of colour changing to the tip. A soft orange ambient glow in the background adds to the effect of fire and with direct relation to how a flame would appear normally (if it was not a hair style!).

The second hair style is again very unique and required a different out come. Not bright and warming, but more dark Quella Devil style. Set on a white and black gradient highlighting the hair with a white spot.

Each hair style was created by a different stylist and entered into a competition, passed the first stage onto the live finals! We will let you know how they get on!

Hair Photography (2) Hair Photography (1)