Today we want to share with you some clothing photography we did with Ralawise who are Europe’s leading multi-branded clothing distributor. As they are a distributor of many brands we had a great selection clothing, including different styles and in your face colours as you can see below.

The rather tall image below was for print to show off the vast range of colours they have to offer in their clothing range. If your picky it might take a long time to pick the colour you like!

There are also a few other detail clothing photography shots below where they wanted to capture the detail of the t-shirt in the different colours available. This en captures many elements of the t-shirt the colour, style, sleeve, button, stitching. Interested in seeing more clothing from our photographers? Check our portfolio clothing photography.

Clothing Photography 1Clothing Photography 7 Clothing Photography 6 Clothing Photography 5 Clothing Photography 4 Clothing Photography 3 Clothing Photography 2