Yesterday we had a new cake company come to us for some cake photography. They are called Honesty, and honestly the cakes tasted great! They had a range of cakes including ginger cake, fruit cake, toffee cake, and chocolate and nut cake.

There were two types of product photography they wanted. First off minimal pack shot photography of the cakes within there packaging. The second phase was to get creative with the cakes and place them in a life style environment.

We welcome all bakers and cooks to our studio with open arms, not just because we love food (especially cake) but we also love making your food look as good as it tastes. Below are a few images from the shoot with Honesty and we wish the head man Jonathan all the best for his new venture in the cake industry.

Cake Photography 1Cake Photography 2Cake Photography 3Cake Photography 4Cake Photography 5Cake Photography 6